Within the YOUTH GLOBE clubs we develop great new products. Examples are own compositions in the Music-Club, inspiring clips in the Video-Club up to the design of an own YOUTH GLOBE fashion line and healthful cosmetics. Our shops offer the opportunity for the developers to test the marketability of the new products. May be it is the basis that one of our designers will become famous with the own collection.

“From Globers for Globers” is one of our central ideas. Within YOUTH GLOBE clubs we discuss and develop ideas for highly exceptional products. If the ideas turn to be feasible they will be implemented. Success breeds success.

With our first ideas we gather experiences in production and develop fresh ideas. Initiators are going to be exposed to competition.

Our web-store competes against incumbent companies. Small businesses with fresh ideas have multiple opportunities. Unlike inert large companies, small firms have a head start in terms of creativity and speed in decision making. Our Globers can be creative.

If you have ideas join our clubs. In variation of a proverb: Who dares can win, who does not dare will not win.