Until the year 2019 YOUTH GLOBE laureates were awarded at the national level in Germany only. From 2020 we award outstanding persons at the regional, national and international level.

The local YOUTH GLOBE teams are responsible to assign the regional awards and similarly our national teams assign the national awards. From the suggestions of the worldwide Glober-network we choose the winners of the international awards.

The YOUTH GLOBE Awards are assigned in the following three categories.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten


The CHAMPION Award recognizes the
superior performance of young people who
have accomplished a Champions - program.
The award honors participants who have
not only achieved their personal goals with
great commitment but have given new
momentum to their personal environment.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten


The YOUTH GLOBE Award recognizes and
commends people who have particularly
distinguished themselves through their engagement in the promotion and development of those who will shape tomorrow’s society.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

AIMY Award

The AIMY Award honors personalities who can serve as role models for the success they have already achieved. Personalities who have risen to exceptional challenges in their personal, social and professional life and have mastered these challenges with outstanding commitment.