The YOUTH GLOBE project "Learning And Working Abroad" was initially created with the aim of fulfilling the dream, of young people from the locations of the YOUTH GLOBE partners to have the experience of a stay abroad. Our international network offers a wide range of opportunities. Through close  cooperation with educational institutions and companies, we effectively support the arrangement of training and work opportunities both in Germany and abroad. 

With the increasingly noticeable shortage of skilled workers Germany, it is now also necessary to realize the dream of German companies for qualified specialists. To this end, we have aligned the focus of the "Learning And Working Abroad" project accordingly and provide targeted support for the process of finding and immigrating skilled workers.

Thanks to our global network and diverse contacts with companies, institutions and facilities, we bring together qualified specialists from abroad who meet the specific requirements with the companies that are suitable for them and are looking for employees. In addition, we secure the basis for a successful start of the placed specialists into the German working life.

Living and working abroad is enriching. It enables a wide range of experiences and provides skills and abilities that are often not available in the home country.

Working experience and approved degrees, as well as good language skills, are preconditional for most job offers. In Germany, for example, skilled workers are sought in almost all sectors - here a language level of at least B1 is expected.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship or a job  and do you think you meet the requirements?

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You can find more information on our LinkedIn-Showcase Page „Learning And Working Abroad“.

In the interview with project manager Olaf Stötzer, all relevant information about the project is explained.

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