Glober-App now available on Google Play Store  

Do you know that ? always have good intentions, but fail at the execution? Take the first step towards resolving this! This app will accompany you on the way, treat it as your reference book and most valuable working tool.

Choose from ten areas of life and work on them according to different categories, such as strengths, weaknesses and priorities.

Set goals and work on their implementation based on your milestones.

Evaluate yourself and collect points!

The app helps you to get a clear picture of your life. The rewarding result is satisfaction and joy. For your commitment, you will receive recognition from the personal environment that will inspire you in your development. You will be strengthened to master more challenges.

Consistent use of this app will advance your personal development. You will learn self-discipline, commitment and the ability to overcome disappointments.

Have fun doing! Let´s go!


Your Youth Globe Team