The task of our team is to act as the link between our international YOUTH GLOBE teams and the local YOUTH GLOBE team. So we can bring the international range of services to our local conditions. Our focus is on looking after the YOUTH GLOBE regional teams, who, as independent licensees in their regions, are implementing the YOUTH GLOBE spectrum.

With diverse preparatory work since May 2018 we had created a good starting position for 2019. Our new website went online on January 01, 2019. The GLOBER app will be available as of March 31, 2019, and additional tools are available - we are continually expanding our range of services. We look forward to a successful start-up phase of YOUTH GLOBE in Germany and are convinced that we will make a valuable contribution to the personal development of Glober.

Stefanie Zepnik

Manager YOUTH GLOBE Youngsters

Cooperations Manager

A dream came true - during my business studies I was able to found a company in California as a 20-year-old - a great experience. Finding personal opportunities with joy, commitment and determination - that's what I want to convey to many young people. With my "baby" YOUTH GLOBE we are reaching more and more people and we have a lot to do. Meanwhile, many people are involved in shaping our community - I am looking forward to the ever-increasing impact of our growing number of teams. For me it is wonderful moments to look into the eyes of happy champions - people who are proud of their small and big successes.

Ronald Bracholdt

Manager YOUTH GLOBE Leaders

Seminars Manager

As a physicist, after completing my studies I dedicated myself to the topic of startups with scientifically demanding products. In the process, I have experienced that above all, top-level executives are needed to successfully establish forward-looking ideas. A holistic approach that focuses on "developing through doing and interacting" is what we are pursuing with YOUTH GLOBE. We focus on the EASY and at the same time effective, evaluate the results on the basis of the goals, framework conditions and underlying values - and thus become SUCCESSFUL in our own lives. Acting on the basis of a humanism that pursues the fun and the joy of life and the responsibilities and duties firmly in mind is my concern at YOUTH GLOBE.

Sawsan Hussein

Public Relations Manager

Born in Syria, Sawsan arrived in Germany in 2015. She volunteered for refugees and also worked at the adult education centre with foreign language courses for Germans. She gained a lot of experience in the area of personal education for people of all ages while doing this. Her great interest in supporting people in their personal development paired with her extensive intercultural experience has brought Sawsan to YOUTH GLOBE. As Area Manager for our Arabian regions, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, she provides extensive assistance in setting up and supporting the YOUTH GLOBE teams in these countries while also making an important contribution to intercultural issues in Germany. Sawsan Hussein is looking forward to working both independently and together in our young team. In her spare time she enjoys reading social literature, spending time with her family and is active in the sports city of Riesa, where she currently lives.




Marie Jähring

Event Manager

"A day without smiling is a lost day"

Already in my school career I gained first experiences in the field of events. Bringing people together through events and creating a moment that many will remember later on has been inspiring me for a long time. Finally, I decided to study event management and am currently completing my Bachelor of Arts. During my studies, I participate in the design of various events at the "Staatsoperette Dresden" and I see the opportunity to contribute these experiences and creativity to YOUTH GLOBE. From events for the talented clubs to the multi-day YOUTH-GLOBE-Festival I will organize ideas for upcoming events together with my team. I look forward to tackling this new challenge and welcoming new faces to the event club.

Vicky Malassa

Regional Director YOUTH GLOBE Startups

Finance Manager