For companies

With the Glober App personal goals in the areas of life, both private and professional. With the attractive progress control, which polls the stand every week.

The app contains various functionalities that allows acquaintances and colleagues.

The users of the app experience a tremendous personal development. Of course, this personal education can be appreciated by companies or institutions. A small end-of-year education bonus (bonus) that will pay for a GLOBER bonus payment when a person from the company discusses the milestone achievement goals in the process of processing).


For users

The use of the app causes employment with very private, but also professional goals. It enormously supports the user in designing a holistic life. A test variant is available free of charge. For all those interested the workshops for the app of YOUTH GLOBE take place, information is available on the region page in the event area.

More and more companies are paying tribute to the holistic development of their employees and supporting further education through their own initiative in their free time. Ask your company if there is the Glober bonus. makes sense.

The Glober App is available since 31.03.2019 in the stores.