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YOUTH GLOBE is an international network whose members are called Glober. We put our focus on mutual support in the holistic development of each Glober.

What we do? Creating opportunities for individual exchange and delivering new ideas with our various YOUTH GLOBE Events. With our talent sector (local YOUTH GLOBE clubs) we encourage the Globers to discover and expand their skills and talents, while our seminars and courses offer educational opportunities in various topics.

YOUTH GLOBE supports personal development depending on the age of corresponding target group.

We divide into three age groups:

YOUTH GLOBE Startups :      between the age of 3 and 13

YOUTH GLOBE Youngsters:  between the age of 14 and 25

YOUTH GLOBE Leaders:        for everybody over the age of 25

To achieve effective support, our YOUTH GLOBE teams operate in several regions. Each team providing on-site training, events, clubs and courses. The YOUTH GLOBE content according to national conditions (such as language, marketing, seminar contents) is carried out by every YOUTH GLOBE team operating in particular region.

You find information in English as well as the corresponding national language by clicking through the countries and regions on our website.


The holistic development of our Glober through mutual support, promotes and  demands a personal, individual shaping of a happy life. The Globers of our network experience special support by receiving valuable foundations for their further private as well as professional development.



We see and appreciate our Globers as enriching fellow human beings. Our vision is to support and to educate each one of them in becoming an important role model for a valuable human cohabitation in our everyday life.




We are honest and committed to what we say and consistent in our actions. Our social interest and responsibility do not stop at national borders; we see ourselves as global citizens.



We distance ourselves from any form of discrimination and know that fair, performance-oriented cooperation in the community brings "more" for each individual. In doing so, we show solidarity with people who are limited in their personal development due to special conditions.



The purpose of our life is to develop in all areas of life; we address our potentials on which we build attractive personal goals.



Desire of YOUTH GLOBE is to shape a valuing global cohabitation on this planet. Basic values of YOUTH GLOBE are at the same time basic values of each YOUTH GLOBE employee.

We are committed to lifelong learning and to support the development of personal leadership qualities. In our eyes, everybody that leads oneself with commitment to self-determined and valuable goals, is called a Champion. To support others on their way to becoming a Champion comes naturally.

Globers understand themselves as global citizens and are proud of their national identity. Regional cultural values, customs, traditions and characteristics are highly valued. Attitudes, habits and activities are respected as longs as they correspond with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

With being part of the network, every Glober assures that no practices and methods are being used, that would hinder self-confident individual freedom of opinion and the development of attitudes and habits.

There is no form of commercial advertising being used on the platform or the social channels. Just as data and information will not be passed on to third parties unless required by law. YOUTH GLOBE works according to the law of European DSGVO.



The range of offers in respective region, includes our club activities, workshops, seminars and courses in each region. For further questions please contact your local team.


YOUTH GLOBE recognizes outstanding achievement at international, national and regional level with awards in three categories.


The CHAMPION – Award recognizes the superior performance of young people who have accomplished a Champions - program. The award honors participants who have not only achieved their personal goals with great commitment but have given new momentum to their personal environment.


The YOUTH GLOBE - Award recognizes people who dedicate themselves to the promotion and development of tomorrow's society's creators with an extraordinary commitment to their private, social and professional life.


AIMY Award

The AIMY - Award Honors outstanding personalities who are role models for success in practice. They are personalities who have faced extraordinary challenges in their private, social and professional lives and have mastered them with great commitment and goal orientation.


On YouTube, our photo and video talent clubs present an insight into the life of a Glober. By clicking on "news" on our website, you find further information and media reports of each region.

Here the latest YOUTH GLOBE – Image – Video: